Hey there! I need halp, plez.

I cannot be active in discussion right now thanks to a glitch (which I am working to fix) so a blog post is the best I've got. Please only comment on here, not the discussion post, so that I may see feedback!

On to the point of this post, as many of you probably know, the navigation bar contains out-of-date characters and fanfictions that have all died. I am taking the job of gathering a list of trending pages to update that, but of course I might need opinions on what I am adding.

We'll start out with five of each of the following categories; Fan-fiction stories, Viking characters, and dragon characters. I might look into changing the 'featured' section into dragon species, but right now, I need to be clear, dragon species is not a category, so please don't suggest dragon species. Only characters, right now.

The basis of what I am looking for is pages that people enjoy visiting and that could be considered "trending," and that are not 'dead.' Meaning they might continue to be updated, or they are more recent. 

I am not adding my own characters/stories just because I have that ability, I am only listing what I see as trending. In the comments of this post, you may nominate stories/characters for the list, and if you think one of the things I have listed should be taken down, please let me know.

I am also trying to give some variation in the users that get featured stories, like one user might have 5 trending dragon characters, but only one of them maybe featured in the dragon characters category. Though I do think a user could have two pages featured, each in a different category.

So officially, I need you to nominate your own pages, other user's pages that you enjoy looking at, and tell me what you think shouldn't be listed. Before the list becomes official I will ask all of the creators' permission to feature them.

Please note that this is not saying what the best pages are, instead listing the current popular pages. If yours is not featured it doesn't mean it is terrible, only that it isn't visited as often. You may still nominate it, though! The content of the pages listed should be appropriate for any and all users, with curses blocked out and a warning for gore and such. 

Comment your own opinions? And since I can't spread the word via discussions, could you guys help me out with that?

Possible Fanfiction Stories

- Hearts of shadow

- A Fading Star will Rise Again

- New Horizons

Project PermaFrost

- The Fall of Endeavour

Possible Viking Characters

- Amaria Deltaclaw


Ember Akasie

- Freja Plahilda

- Moon (Plumeria)

Possible Dragon Characters

- Elka

- Esteria the 'New' Night Fury

- Everest

- Furosa

- Starchaser

Thanks for your help!


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