Hello, and welcome to my stables! I have recently rescued a few dragons, and they are all looking for new homes. Most of them came from dragon hunter auction sites, and luckily me and Dusq were able to save them in time. A few are also from dragon arenas, and might take some time to cope.

Now that you're here, I'll take ya to the stables so you could start adopting. Of course if you don't like the name I gave them you can change it to whatever you like. Once I say the dragon is yours, you may do whatever you want with it.

1. Please no fighting. If you and a user both want the same dragon, you could decide if you want to give it up, or you can both take the dragon and name it something different.

2. Only ONE dragon PER person. Please decide on one dragon you want to adopt so others can get a chance. You may only adopt more than one if the dragon you want is not wanted by other users, but I'll have to decide first.

3. If you want to adopt a dragon from me, please use it. Don't just say, "I'll adopt it!" and then just not use it. That way, other users who actually plan on using that dragon wouldn't get a chance. Also noting that these take me quite long, so please don't complain if there aren't enough adoptables. If this is popular, I will consider making more.

4. Remember first come first serve. The first people to reply get to choose which dragon they want.


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