I have some ideas for dragon species and characters that could be added to Rise of Berk that aren't already there. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below. This is a start off list now, but will grow bigger in time. All fanon dragons listed that were not created by me belong to their respective artists. Now, on with the list:

Dragon Species

Dragon Characters

  • Not Hookfang (Monstrous Nightmare from 'Defiant One', name based off of what Snotlout calls it in the episode: "Hookfang!" (Nightmare roars angrily) "Not Hookfang!")
  •  Loudmouth (Thunderdrum from 'We Are Family Part I")
  • Quartz and Crystal (Gronckles from 'The Night and the Fury')
  • Snotlout's Smotherer (Changewing from 'We Are Family Part I')
  • Cyclone (Typhoomerang that attacked Windshear when Heather first found her)
  • Eel Eater (Typhoomerang from 'The Eel Effect')
  • Flamespinner (exclusive Typhoomerang, Viggo's four Typhoomerangs in 'Maces and Talons Part II')
  • Mistshot (Viggo's Flightmare from 'Maces and Talons Parts I and II')
  • Horndrop (Astrid's Monstrous Nightmare from 'Heather Report Part II')
  • Sparks and Spew (Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback from an offical comic on the HTTYD Facebook page)
  • Egg Smasher (Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare from 'Total Nightmare')
  • Crash and Bash (Hideous Zippleback from 'The Night and the Fury')
  • Great Protector (Eruptodon from 'Race to the Edge')
  • Protector's Heir (Baby Eruptodon from 'Race to the Edge')
  • Rocketshot (Exclusive Gronckle, Gronckles from 'Racing for the Gold: Speed Skating')
  • Bonesnarl (Thunderclaw that blasts off Drago's prosthetic arm in 'HTTYD 2' and then appears in 'The Serpent's Heir')
  • Bumble (Scauldron from 'The Endless Night' comic)
  • Tuffnut Junior (Gronckle from 'Quake, Rattle, and Roll')
  • Junior Tuffnut (Gronckle from 'Quake, Rattle, and Roll')
  • Hookfire (Monstrous Nightmare from 'Total Nightmare')
  • Hookblazefang (Monstrous Nightmare from 'Total Nightmare')
  • Fighter Razorwhip (Razorwhip from 'Stryke Out')
  • Fighter Gronckle (Gronckle from 'Stryke Out')
  • Fighter Speed Stinger (Speed Stinger from 'Stryke Out')
  • Ambered Gronckle (from 'Imperfect Harmony')
  • Ambered Terrible Terror (from 'Imperfect Harmony')
  • Speedy (Speed Stinger from "The Next Big Sting")

Fan-made Dragon Species

Fan-made Dragon Characters

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