So, guys. My totally favorite dragon of all time is the Deadly Nadder. However, I am confused about some things. 

NADDER POISON. So, these dragons of awesomeness apparently have poisonous spikes. That's cool, yet another neat thing about the Deadly Nadder's endless and tricky defenses. 

But, I am a curious person, so I start to think. No one has ever been hit by a spike... What kind of poison is it? Is it lethal? Or paralyzing? Or sedating? Or an irritant? What?????????

So, I have a few things. 

1. Those spikes are HUGE. If you're a small dragon or human, being impaled on one of those will make poison the least of your problems. 

2. Speed Stingers are related to Nadders, apparently, so the poison could most likely be paralyzing.

3. Anyone can touch a Nadder's spikes and eat later (Vikings aren't known for their handwashing), so whatever poison seems to be contained inside the spikes. Maybe they have delicate tips that snap to release poison on impact?

That's kind of all. Tell me what you think!

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