All right, first of all, I'd like to bring your attention to the wiki's fifth rule:

"Have pride in your work. When creating pages, make them look as good as possible. Poorly made pages will be considered vandalism and if not cleaned up by the creator, will be deleted. This includes adequate spelling, grammar, etc."

Yup, guys. We need some SERIOUS help. Far too many pages are poorly made, have innacurate spellings, or simply are empty. We need a MASSIVE clean-up operation, and I suggest we start now.

I'm going to go through EVERYTHING and fix spelling, grammar, ect. If I find an empty/uncategorized page, I'll either contact the owner or ask a mod to delete it.

We also need new, more active mods, too. That would be INTENSLY useful.

If you'd like to help me, please, by all means, go ahead. We can get this wiki spick and span in no time!

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