Hey this is my first blog post (I thought I should make one)

But anyways ummm I just wanted to talk about httyd and what I like and in case you didn't know.


1.When did you first get into How to train your dragon ?

Well when I was in grade 4. My friend who I miss got me into it. We played games about httyd, talked about it and well since it was in 2014 I watched Httyd 2 in the cinemas. It was amazing ! So I watched more and was obssed (prob even more than her now). I am also into fantasy/medival/viking type stuff so which is another reason why I like it.

2. What are your 3 favourite dragons species and why ?

  • Deadly Nadder- I loved how they had so many abilites and now wish I was them. Bc they can shoot spines, fire magnesuim fire, enhanced speed, senses and even more. They are also cute and deadly also !
  • Speed Stinger- I love speed stingers mostly because if I was in a race I would love to have stinger speed and because I made my own pack which all of you know 'the milneys'.
  • Skrill- I love the skrill because it can shoot lightning and can hold a fight against a night fury.

3.Whose your favourite character ?

My favourite character is Stormfly and Astrid. They make a great team like Hiccup and Toothless.Go Girl Power !

4.Do you like writing and drawing ?

Yes I love it, sadly Im not very good at it, mostly because my mind gets excited and gets lost. I love writing stories about Dragons and Everest. I also love writing about crossovers, fantasy stories and world building. 

I also like art but Im not very good at it (as you may of seen some of it already). I love hand drawing but mines not the best as you can see its ok but needs improvment, well I guess improvement is good. I also love art because it brings creativity in what I make. I love creativity !

5. Why do you like dragons ?

I love dragons mostly because I want to be a creature that can breathe fire and fly. I would love to fly, either as a fairy or a dragon. I would also like to fly because it would mean freedom which means nature (I love nature). I like dragons in other movies to such as eragon, Lord of the rings, game of thrones, chronicles of Narnia and other dragon movies.

Other Questions about you/not relating to Httyd

1.Where are you from (most ppl already know but I'll answer it anyway)/nationality/Age

I come from the Land down under or Australia. I come from Melbourne, The bottom of Australia next to NSW AND South Australia. I am also part English,Irish,Indian and Singaporean. I am also 14 in year 9 (australian schooling years).

2. Other Movies/books/tv shows you like 

-Chronicles of Narnia ,Lord of the rings,percy jackson,eragon,hunger games, got, dark crystal, disney, neverending story, goosebumps and more movies either sci fi, intresting or fantasy (Im mainly into fantasy).

3.Why do you like fantasy ?

Mainly because I feel free I wish I was a fairy,dragon or a mermaid. I love fantasy and making my own fantasy worlds. I also love mythology my favourite would be greek or roman. 

4. What are your personal likes? Well theres alot but I like playing netball,piano,volleyball,singing,ballroom dancing, I love animals (espically zebras,lions, koalas and horses) I also have pets a dog named Harry Potter Axolotol named Kevin and alot of goldfish, I love creativity, travelling, gemstones,photography (my insta account is reb9287nadder) and more I need to find. If you have any intrests of the same you can message me :)

5.What would you like us to know ?

Well I am personally a talkitive/friendly person but I can be bit shy when going up to people, well I can be a bit too nice in the real world, I am not that smart, I do have some issues at school which has got me a bit upset lately, I miss my younger years mostly because I was happier and less stress, I may be a bit werid (so sorry no many people understand me) and I sometimes wish......... I could go, but I am strong. (I don't tell many people this).

So thanks for reading this and sorry to bother your time but I made my first blog post :) I hope you have a lovely day

Reb Xx

I also like to thank this wiki for being a supportive, friendly communty I wish outside life was like this.

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