written here are random bits and pieces of ideas for a new fanfic,the rider rangers of berk,a crossover between how to train your dragon and the rangers apprentice series. most things written are incomplete,so if you have any suggestions post them in a comment on this post and i will make sure you get credit in the story if i add your suggestion. Rider ranger47 (talk) 15:12, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

writers list

  • Rider ranger47


everyone on berk knows the story of the rider rangers,rider ranger 46 and his 5 riders dieing to save the village from the red death... (incomplete)

(intro stop)

rider ranger secret to training stealth class dragons died with ranger 46

stealth class dragons (4 needed) which can all camo like the cannon change wing can breathe a smoke screen,color is stealth black

  • silversmith

looks like the cannon flightmare,all sliver coloring

  • moonrider

color is moon gray,with some black(like racing stripes)down the dragon named crater?

  • starstrike

coloring is dark blue,gold glow after firing

  • delta wing

dark blue,with bright blue blasts

rider ranger corps abandoned for 14 years (age of main character)

it is tradition when you turn 14 to go out and train your own dragon

main character (name not known at this time) is chief's son

i have decided that all character names will be a mix of HTTYD and rangers canon names


  • will o'carrick (main character) mix of rangers character and hiccup (i have changed his last name and position)
  • Madelyn ,mix of ranger and HTTYD astrid
  • horace altman ,mix of cannon,ranger gillian,and fishlegs,very good at sword work
  • Halt o'carrick  carrick,will's dad,chief of the village,mixed with stoick
  • camiti,equivalent of ruffnut,with unknown character changes

ruffnut21 's additions

I think you should start it all mysteriously with your rangers or one of them (because I feel that's kind of where your going with this) but don't let anyone know exactly who they are at first. I would say kind dive into there backstory somewhat in the beginning then somewhere after that tell the audience there name. I would tell them their name all dramatic (cause that's the kind of person I am) like make them say "I am So and so"! then move on to the next part.

enemy dragons

the shadow doom,turns people inside out,babys only eat hearts

the story

here is what i have of the story so far

The Rider Rangers of Berk

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