The Bladefury is an extremely evolved species of fury. It's ancestors were thought to be Lightfuries but were quickly proven wrong. It has been thought of as a weird mix, but even they were proven wrong. They are their own species and have existed as long as any other dragon species. The live on an island so far away that even dragons give up before they find the it. It is because of this they have to move pretty quickly from place to place. Their sharp edges are part of their areodnaimic build, this makes them faster and more agile than any other species. If they are seen they have a diverting blast and a hide shot. The diverting blast is large and colorful and usually burns it's image in it's pursuer's eyes causing them to be temporarily blinded. The hide shot is for his cloaking. This is what usually messes up people and causes them to think, well, huh, I guess they are related to Lightfuries. That is also proven wrong. If you look at the other furies you can see that cloaking runs in their family branch. The first one that has been seen is known as Edge. She was caught and promptly released after severe damage to the village and the some vikings. She was reported as "The Quick Devil". She is also known as "Loki's Pet" "The Air Queen" and "Mistress of Death" just t name a few. They are smart and tricky as they are deadly. Ever since then no one has ever seen her. These dragons are dangerous and wild. They belong to the Strike class, but are often changed around due to arguements which invole putting them in the Sharp Class,  Mystery Class, and Tracker Class.


Usually when hatched have multiple eye colors including green, blue, purple, and red. Their scales are usually a rusty red to black. They have duller tips when they are hatchlings and eventually get charper and sharper to when they are only five years old (in dragon years) they have fully developed edges. TitanWings have black scales with bright red tips and underbelly. When they get older their eye color stops changing and settls on the most recent color.

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