As all you would know, the third movie was released last year and I have came to hate the whole fanchaise. And I wanted to get this of my chest and out to public

Plot: First movie and the original cartoon were good, better than the books they were based on. I remember getting excited about the movie as a kid when it first came out. The second one was alright but it should have stopped and ended there, or at the cartoon at least.

Number three I personally didn't bother to watch it but I do have a light fury plush, the babies I admit were not that cute, actually no one was cute in the whole fanchaise but I still enjoyed it until number three. I assumed and possibly many others assumed that the three baby dragons were up for the viewers to use their imagination for their personalities and genders, I personally imagined two girls and one boy becouse a trio like that is terribly rare.

But S.O.D and homecoming had to come along and reveal the genders two boys and a girl, way to common, unoriginal and it actually put me in misery for a few days so I knew I was better without the whole fanchaise. I am feeling generous so I will give a 2/10

Merchandise: the toys were honestly really lazy, my monsterous nightmare (the orange one) lost not one but two of its wings, one fits on perfectly but the other one had to be tied on.

My nightfury with a foot you press so the wings can flap (I think how it works?) I had two of these, one with the paint stripes from the movie and looks more like the character and the other has a different paint stripe pattern and a little more chibi than the other (cannot remember it's been a long time) I think. The leg you press on broke, not even super glue kept it on. 2.5/10

Random character comparison: Toothless is like pikachu from Pokemon. Both get way to much spotlight, center of attention like 80% of the time, overpowered for no reason (at least pikachu in the games is weak to ground types and not good against grass, also weaker than raichu and many others in stats. Is there any weakness against toothless? I personally would have added things like: he can't fly top speed for very long, certain plants makes him sick, he needs more naps at day time etc...). Both are loved by the company a lot (well pikachu is Gamefreaks's (company who makes Pokemon) mascot but dreamwork's isn't a night fury, it's a stupid moon with a boy on it).

In a way Toothless is like sonic the hedgehog. Both are super fast but at least sonic has weaknesses (he can't stay underwater for long or swim, there are possibly other weaknesses, I don't play his games but I am planning to watch his movie one day). 1/10

Video games: S.O.D was the only good dreamworks dragon game that I ever found during the years where it was actually good that I was interested in, and it is susposed to be an educational game *facepalm*. I loved that game but I deleted it after the light fury cub's genders were announced and looking back it looked terrible. 1.5/10

Overall 7/50.

Note to dremworks: Dear dreamworks, please learn to make games that can be enjoyed. Also you are such a chicken for not letting the babies be up to the viewer's imagination, if you didn't want to have the babies be up to the viewers imagination or dreams either reveal any future babies genders in the movie they appear or rename your rubbish company to dreamlessworks or dreamsdontwork.

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