I was inspired by a couple of excellent webcomics (Darths&Droids and Friendship is Dragons) to try rewriting the story of How to Train Your Dragon (the books, of course) as a Dungeons and Dragons-ish gaming Campaign.  This blog post is where I'll post notes about it; if I ever actually write it, I'll make a page for it.


Daniel is the Game Master. He's spent two years lovingly creating a magical world, and now he's finally playing with it. The fact that he horribly NERFed all the spellcasting classes and went way overboard with his obsession with dragons unfortunately meant that he could only find two people to play with him. But he's alright with that; this setting is better with a small party anyway. He's very helpful and lenient, as Game Masters go, and he just wants to show his players the cool world he made.

Noah is a gamer known for his encouraging attitude and love of desperate last-minute plans. He is playing a houseruled Druid/Swordmage hybrid named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, and he's eager to explore what looks like a very unique world.

Franklin is an experienced gamer well-known locally for being a HORRIBLE power-gamer. He lost a bet to Daniel, and, considering himself a man of honor, is holding up his end of the bargain: to play through Daniel's campaign serving as the bumbling sidekick to Noah's already not-especially-powerful character with the most underpowered Barbarian imaginable, named Fishlegs. He doesn't really mind, though -- Daniel is paying for his snacks and indulging his intellectual curiosity, and he admits this is the most relaxing campaign he's been in for a while.

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