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This character appears in the stories Hearts of shadow,Before the Riders,and Shattered Kingdom she is one of the secondary groups of characters, not a major character not a minor character.

"you didn't come all the way here to insult my use of words did you,"-Vera


for the first few years of her life, she lived with Grimmle and was forced into obedience with her own venom. luckily Kaya was looking for a new dragon and came across the hunter ships and decided to take a Deathgripper. at the time Kaya had no idea who she was stealing from but ever since Grimmle has hated her and Vera more than the other riders. kaya snuck onto the ship and realized most of the young Deathgrippers looked the same. so she chose the one that was a different color than the rest. it was assumed that Vera's parents consisted of one of Grimmles Deathgrippers and a wild one but that theory was never confirmed. Vera struggled against being taken away at first but after enough dragon nip she calmed down. when she was first introduced to Elka she tried to 'play' with her, but Vera's version of 'playing' ends with someone missing a limb. Kaya put a stop to that pretty quick. Vera never got along very well with any of the rider's dragons (except Hookfang) but she got along very well with her 'family' that consisted of Elka, Echo,Sunstone, Thunder, Scarlette, and Nightshade.


Vera is a VERY aggressive dragon. she is an introvert who wants to be left well enough alone. she is also very outspoken. as in what's in her head comes out her mouth, her lack of a filter makes her tricky to deal with. she is sharp-tongued and aggravating.but, in the end, she's gonna stand with those she loves.



Vera has strong acid that she uses to mangle dragons, cages, plants, and other things. it is powerful enough to melt thick wood on contact. she has six blasts before needing to reload.


Vera can see fairly well in the dark, she can't see as well as Elka or Toothless but she has better night vision than humans and most dragons. she can't see well in blizzards, storm clouds, thick fog, etc.  even though her vision is great she also very much relies on other senses like smell, hearing, and touch. she also relies on this skill she has learned, Kaya, calls it 'hunters intuition'  basically Vera has learned to find things using small visual cues from her surroundings to find something or someone.


Vera is very strong being able to carry Copper with seemingly no effort. she also pins tons of dragons and humans, very few of them manage to get out of her grip.  even Toothless couldn't manage to escape her pin upon their first meeting.


Vera has great stamina, even though she isn't very fast she can fly for a long time in the hopes of running down her prey, her stamina is a lot like the stamina of wolves they're marathoners and their skills are better used in the long haul then a footrace. in terms of speed, Vera is the fourth fastest dragon in her friend group.


Vera can turn surprisingly quickly for her size. she can work her way through a forest of trees pretty well. she crashes into things sometimes. she has a hard time dodging arrows and nets so she usually relies on her acid to disintegrate the objects before they hit her.


Vera is a smart strategic dragon, but all of her plans usually fall to crap within the first few moments of a fight. her instincts take over and she manages to subconsciously complete the plan but in a reckless and un streamlined way. she can figure out how to open basic latches and any lock big enough to put her pincer into. all in all, she's a pretty smart dragon.


Vera is pretty stealthy at night, during the day she's a sitting duck. her dark scales let her blend in quite well if viewed from above in a dark place, she blends in with clouds if viewed from underneath during the day. her stealth in the air or on land largely depends on the time of day. she is pretty good on her feet, but pincers mean it's easier for her to Tripp over something


Vera is a big introvert, she doesn't like to talk to other dragons or be around other dragons. she stays with those she knows well but avoids others. when she doesn't meet other dragons it usually ends in a fight. they aren't used to having someone cuss at them and she isn't used to other dragons. being around her. in fact, when she saw Elka for the first time in a while she initially attacked her not knowing it was her friend who she was stabbing.

psychopathic nature

Vera is what some would call a psychopath. she has few morals and doesn't really care who she's hurting as long as it's not her friends. sometimes she hears voices in her head telling her to hurt someone or to stop breathing (this barely ever happens but she always starts breathing before she suffocates).  ==Weaknesses  ==

Vera is weak against her own venom when Grimmel was using it to control her she developed a 'dependency' on it, Kaya managed to break her out of it but if she gets shot again the effect will be stronger on here than on other dragons. Vera like any dragon hates eels but to a much less extent and if she has to she will eat it. lack of filter, Vera doesn't have an internal monologue, it can get her into huge trouble with others sometimes.

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