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"Okay, and occasionally I'll set stuff on fire just to see what would happen. Happy?"
―Zephyr in The Hidden Kingdom

Zephyr Stormheart is a Female Warrior who is not part of any tribes. After her village being destroyed shortly after she turned 5, she was then adopted by Valka, who found her in a Dragon's Nest. However, when she turned eleven, she secretly left the nest and Valka, to discover new species of Dragons. About a decade later, she accidentally meets with Hiccup and the Dragon Riders during their journey to the Hidden World.

Zephyr's main dragon is a Deadly Shadow named Foeslayer, the dragon that rescued her when she was 5.


Zephyr’s Village was destroyed when she turned five by dragons, killing everyone but her, as a lone Deadly Shadow protected her. This dragon would be Foeslayer. The following morning, Zephyr woke up in an ice cave, with a large Stormcutter watching over her. As she scrambled away from the dragon, Valka came in and told her not to worry, and took her outside for her to befriend the Bewilderbeast. Over the next seven years, Zephyr stayed in Valka’s Mountain with her, with her teaching Valka how to use a bow and arrow, with Valka teaching Zephyr how to train Dragons.

When she was twelve, Zephyr left the Sanctuary to discover more dragons. She lived on the move, even staying in Raven Point for a few days. Years passed without much happening, except for the occasional injured dragon or a village.

When she turned 20, shortly before she met the Dragon Riders, while camping out in a forest called the Gates of Niflheim, she discovered a group of Dragon Hunters in the area, and waited until nightfall to quickly bound and gag all of them, and set the Dragons free. This was also the Dragon Hunters that the Riders saw, and thought that Zephyr was the 'Vengeful Ghost of Odin' that was said to roam the forest. However, while trying to navigate across the ragged terrain, crossed paths while the Riders were trying to fend off a pack of wild Titan Wing Stormcutters. Remembering how she gained Cloudjumper's trust, Zephyr calmed down all the wild dragons until they were neutral. When Astrid offered her a place in their group, she accepted, becoming a temporary Dragon Rider.

Not long afterwards, the group entered the Tainted Forest, a hostile pack of Deathgrippers ambushed them, while Zephyr caused a distraction long enough for the rest of the Riders to reach safety, but died while doing so.


Zephyr has blue-grey eyes similar to Astrid, and long black hair frames her face with a spiky fringe. While she was living with Valka, Zephyr wears a dark grey shirt that goes halfway down her forearms with a thin leather jacket over it, a black belt and a dark brown skirt underneath. She wears navy pants, wristbands, and boots with simple patterns. Most of her clothing is patched and bears a generally dark, rough look.

When she meets the Dragon Riders, Zephyr's appearance is somewhat similar but the colours change drastically. She still wears her hair in the same style as before but it is noticeably longer. She now wears a black long-sleeve shirt, with two black shoulder pads, and over it, a dark navy mask to hide her identity, and the same wristbands, navy pants and black boots. Her skirt is the same as before but is now various shades of black and blue. She has one thick, dark turquoise belt that carries her two daggers. It has apatite-blue circle on it, possibly made from scales from Foeslayer. Zephyr also occasionally wears a pair of fingerless gloves.